Verta™ Premium Bamboo

Why we love Verta.

Verta™ makes thoughtfully-designed, environmentally conscious products. Verta™ premium chopping blocks are made with 100% FSC-certified bamboo and feature a variety of grain patterns for durability, toughness and beauty. This is one chopping block you won’t want to put away after you use it. Verta™ premium chopping blocks include details such as lightly rounded corners, soft beveled edges and non-slip rubber feet. They’re made extra thick to provide you with a substantial and steady cutting surface. All Verta™ products are low-VOC, formaldehyde free and absolutely foodsafe.





The Miracle Material

Verta™ uses FSC-certified bamboo to construct their premium chopping blocks because it is strong, extremely renewable and environmentally responsible. Read on to learn more about this wonderfully sustainable material.


Bamboo is the fastest regenerating plant on Earth. In fact, bamboo grows 100x faster (1-3 ft/day!) than wood (1-4 ft/yr), matures 10x faster and requires far less land (1/3 to be precise) and water to grow. Unlike trees, bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted after each harvest. It just keeps growing and growing….

As if that wasn’t good enough, bamboo also tolerates extreme drought and drowning, doesn’t require pesticides, irrigation, or fertilizers, produces 40% more oxygen on the same amount of land, absorbs more than twice the carbon dioxide and greatly reduces soil erosion via its wide root system.

Now how’s that for a miracle material?



Mature for Its Age

Bamboo matures within 3 years of planting, compared with 20+ years for other materials.

Bamboo: 3 years to maturity

Harvest-ready after 3 years 100%

Pine: 30 years to maturity


Oak: 40-50 years to maturity


Maple: 60 years to maturity


* Bars above show the plant’s maturity level after 3 years. Only 100% mature plants can be harvested.




Growth Spurt

Bamboo grows 100x faster than other natural materials and grows back after harvesting.

Bamboo grows 1 foot per day

Bamboo keeps growing 365 ft/yr

Oak grows 1-4 feet per year

Pine grows 1-2 feet per year

Maple grows 1-2 feet per year


Bamboo is so strong that it’s being used in place of steel to make bicycle frames, yet it won’t dull your knives. In certain parts of the world where bamboo is plentiful, it’s used as a substitute for steel when building homes, boats and even bridges. Bamboo’s strength means we can make sturdier and more durable chopping blocks with less raw materials and waste.


Tensile Strength* vs. Other Materials





* A measure of a material’s resistance to being pulled apart.